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60 Second Travel Guide: Cardiff - The Welsh Capital

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Cardiff , the capital of Wales, lies on the south coast of the country directly in the middle of nearby Swansea and Newport. "The Diff" (as it is known by locals) is a spirited city, home to passionate, friendly and welcoming "Cardiffians", as well as superb architecture, green spaces and most importantly a brilliant nightlife scene. The city also comprises of the ancient Cardiff Castle and the iconic Millennium Stadium which has hosted many musical and sporting events such as the UEFA Champions League final in 2017 and the 1999 Rugby World Cup final.

Cardiff Travel Guide

Cardiff Bay Wales

Cardiff has a population of over 350,000 making it the largest city in Wales. This roughly equates to about 10% of the entire country's population. English is predominantly spoken here but there are a good number of welsh speakers throughout the city - which is why you will see many signs, road markings and other information all in welsh.

In recent years, Cardiff has undergone significant redevelopment, with many historic buildings and sites restored or repurposed for modern use.

What to See and Where to Go in Cardiff

In my opinion, Cardiff Bay should be your first port of call during your visit. The stunning waterfront location is home to a range of upbeat bars, well-known restaurant brands and a vast variety of retail outlets. Once one of the world's busiest ports, it has transformed into a vibrant cultural and entertainment hub.

An abundance of attractions surround the bay, such as the Senedd, the Welsh Parliament building, and Wales Millennium Centre, which is a colossal building that houses spectacular performing arts displays and other cultural events. Across the road from here is where you will find the Red Dragon leisure and entertainment centre which has a bowling alley, arcade, cinema and even more restaurants!

Cardiff also boasts a huge shopping mall, St David's Dewi Sant, which is located in the center of the city. The excellent mall is home to over 150 shops, restaurants, cafes and even a cinema. The world famous toy shop Hamleys had a store there for over 10 years, but in 2023, unfortunately, closed its stores.

The city also has a professional football team, Cardiff City F.C. who play in the EFL Championship, as well as a local rugby team named Cardiff Rugby who play their home games at Cardiff Arms Park.

We Want to Hear from You!

A few days in Cardiff, perhaps a long weekend, should give you enough time to explore most of the city and its historical landmarks. This should also provide enough time to go on a shopping spree and try out some of the city's many restaurants.

Let us know what you think of Cardiff and what destination you would like us to mention in the next 60 second travel guide! Follow our Instagram below for our latest blogs.


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