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Visiting Rhodes? Here's Why You Should Take the Trip Across to Turkey

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Marmaris Harbour, Get the catamaran boat from Rhodes to Marmaris

I often get asked where should I go Turkey or Greece, what is your favourite out of the two etc, etc? The best way to answer this question, for me, is to ask them if they'd prefer a Ferrari or Lamborghini, and let them know they can choose both. Which would you choose then? You would choose both right?

Therefore, I will always recommend visiting them both, that doesn’t mean together or 10 years apart, but the catamaran boat from Rhodes to Marmaris is the perfect way of “killing two birds with one stone”.

How does the Rhodes to Marmaris boat work?

Step 1: For this journey, be sure to bring your passport or other type of necessary identification. Check if you need a visa and need to meet any potential vaccination requirements.

Step 2: Head over to the Rhodes ferry port, where there is also a lovely gift shop full of souvenirs to take home with you. Check in with your tickets, go through security and passport control and be ready to board the stunning catamaran boat.

Step 3: Relax in your seat and take in the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. The journey lasts about 1 hour which is the perfect duration to allow for a break in the hot sun.

Step 4: Arrive in Marmaris port and go and explore the beautiful Turkish town. As the port is right in the centre, you can visit the Grand Bazaar in just over 10 mins walk, as well as a load of amazing bars and eateries.

What are the alternative routes from Rhodes?

There are plenty of alternative routes, I personally have only tried the Rhodes to Marmaris way so that is all I can share my experience from. However, here are some of the different routes you might want to consider.

  • Kos

  • Karpathos

  • Bodrum

  • Agathonisi

  • Santorini

  • Heraklion

  • Fethiye

Rhodes Old Town, Rhodes, Rodos, Greece, Hellas

What to do in Marmaris?

Like most of the popular Turkish holiday destinations, such as Bodrum, Fetiyhe, Izmir and Antalya, Marmaris offers you a great mix of sun, sea and shopping. In the summer months, Marmaris can get as hot as 40°C, so you’ll want to bring lots of factor 50, a bunch of hats and light clothing, to protect yourself from the blistering sun.

One thing that I personally think Marmaris is great for is its friendly, hospitable people. They love taking care of you, are very conversational and importantly are very generous when it comes to the alcohol they pour! Some people will find the people annoying when they constantly approach you in the street, but these people are also very friendly and love to have a laugh.

Here are some of my top places to see when you visit Marmaris:

The Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar is your perfect place to get your hands on some “genuine fakes”, as they are called by the locals.

Marmaris Castle

The 16th century castle is still very well preserved and gives you a little bit of history regarding the area. As you walk around the top of the castle walls, you’ll be able to see stunning scenic views of the city and marina.

Marmaris Castle, Marmaris, Mugla, Turkey

Sedir Island

Not technically located in Marmaris, however Sedir Island is one of those places that you have to visit if you're in the region. The island is breathtakingly beautiful and possesses some outstanding views of the Aegean Sea. Be sure to check out Cleopatra beach for almost-transparent waters and some of the ancient ruins nearby.

Sedir Island, Mugla Province, Turkey, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea. Sedir Island Boat Ride Excursion

Check out these two amazing restaurants in Marmaris:

Taj Mahal

I would never think that Turkey would be one of my favourite places for Indian food, and especially not Marmaris, but the Taj Mahal restaurant was honestly one of the best places that I have been to for it. If you like spice I would recommend their Madras or if you want something a bit milder definitely get yourself a Lamb Dopiaza; one of the chef’s specialities.

Nil Balik

Nil Balik is a great choice if amazing, local seafood and scenic maritime views are what you’re looking for. Traditional Turkish food is available but you can also get your mouths on some fantastic fish and chips. If you walk past this restaurant in the evening, you’ll see how busy it gets and that's obviously for a reason!

Where do you want us to go next? What do you want to read about? These are all questions we want you to answer, so let us know in the comments below or over on our Instagram!


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